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Creditor’s Rights

There are many creditors that are facing hard times because of the overwhelming number of individuals and businesses that are not making timely payments on their accounts. From mortgages to car loans, creditors are feeling the pressure of not being able to balance their books correctly because individuals are not fulfilling their contractual agreements. Just as consumers have legal protection under law for their debts, creditors also have rights which will allow them to obtain payment for outstanding debts. JMH Legal Group assists numerous creditors in filing the necessary paperwork in order to collect outstanding debts.

One of the many issues that creditors have is receiving a proper response for their collection attempts. Although many creditors do have their own collection departments that work diligently to assist them with the retrieval of overdue payments, oftentimes the process of reaching individuals about these debts can be quite time-consuming and often times ineffective. For this reason, many creditors do seek the assistance of qualified attorneys to help them navigate the process of understanding their creditor’s rights so that they can move forward in collecting payment and retribution for contracts that have not been satisfied by debtors.

Creditor’s rights are very important to understand especially when dealing with home foreclosures. Many creditors are faced with losing a significant amount of money as a result of individuals not being able to pay their mortgages in a timely manner. We can assist creditors with various aspects of the foreclosure process. From serving demand of payment letters to mortgagors to assisting our clients with our REO closings, JMH Legal Group has the experience to ensure that creditors are able to understand and navigate the legal process with confidence while ultimately obtaining repayment for debts which will allow them to balance their books in an efficient manner.